Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Honkers-Kiwi-Aussie Tour: Day 31 Charters Towers, Queensland, Au

Not given any choice, we go to McDonald's for breakfast and are pleasantly surprised. For about $10 AU we get breakfast for two, free coffee refills and free Saturday papers to read.
We visit the Museum of Tropical Queensland which features the story of the Pandora: The British Admiralty sent HMS Pandora in pursuit of the Bounty and her mutinous crew. On her return voyage, having captured 14 of the mutineers in Tahiti, the Pandora struck the Great Barrier Reef . Although the crew tried desperately to save the ship, she sank in the early hours of 29th August 1791.""
In Charters Towers we meet the friendliest and most helpful couple at the tourist info place. We opt for a cabin at the Mexican Tourist Village. We head up to the scenic lookout on Charters Towers Hill at sunset and are not disappointed. Countless rock wallabies pop in and out and seem undisturbed by human visitors.

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