Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Honkers-Kiwi-Aussie Tour: Day 24 Sydney, New South Wales, Au

To the Museum of Sydney for an excellent exhibit about the building, inpact and influence of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. "Bridging Sydney brings together dramatic photographs and paintings with rare and previously unseen alternative bridge and tunnel proposals, plans and sketches in a celebration of the city’s much-loved icon."

Next to the Australian National Maritime Museum where admission to the galleries is free. Interesting exhibit about clipper ships - Greyhounds of the Sea: "During the 1840s and 1850s American shipbuilders developed a new breed of sailing ships that won the admiration and envy of the world. Hundreds of Yankee clippers, long and lean, with a beautiful shape, and acres of canvas sails roamed the globe carrying passengers and freight. Clipper Ships - greyhounds of the sea brings to life, though ship models, paintings and recreated accommodations the experiences of passengers and crew of these great ships ."

Met Deb Smith in the notorious King's Cross area for coffee, dessert and great conversation. I was not impressed at being charged $7 AU for a bottle of still water when I had asked for tap water - that tourist thing again?

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