Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Honkers-Kiwi-Aussie Tour: Day 20 Melbourne, Victoria, Au

Met De Ayers at the Paragon for breakfast - fruitsalad, yogurt and muesli for me, hubby had the biggest cooked breakfast in captivity.
Took the tram downtown and walked through the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens. Used a 10% off coupon on admission to Captain Cook's Cottage. "Cooks' Cottage is the only 18th Century building in Melbourne. It was originally built in 1755 in Yorkshire, England, but was later purchased and transported to Australia in 1933. Often referred to as Captain Cook’s Cottage, it was actually built and owned by his parents, James and Grace.
This two-storey cottage built from sandstone and brick was entirely reconstructed in Melbourne and has been carefully preserved ever since. The kitchen reveals an old ingle fireplace and dining table with plates and cutlery while a wooden staircase leads to the main bedroom."
There is some controversy around whether or not Capain Cook ever lived in this house.
Rode the free City Circle Tram. Met Joanne Anderson (sub-editor for The Age) for lunch at Egusto in Southgate and learned a lot about the city and what's going on in Australia from her.
Next to the notorious Old Melbourne Gaol: "Melbourne Gaol is Victoria's oldest surviving penal establishment. It currently exhibits 19th century gaol life, including the death masks and memorabilia of some of Melbourne's most notorious criminals, including the death mask of Ned Kelly. A skull said to be Ned Kelly's was also on display for many years. Thieves stole the skull in 1978. It has never been recovered. Whether the skull actually was Kelly's in the first place is also in question." Source: Wikipedia

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