Friday, March 16, 2007

The Honkers-Kiwi-Aussie Tour: Day 27 Hervey Bay, Queensland, Au

When we picked up our Wicked Camper, there was a film crew doing a piece for TV. Hubby gave them an interview, I tried to stay out of the way.
Was fun and interesting to meet my distant relative Alan & his wife at McCafe (a division of McDonalds) for coffee in Hervey Bay (approx 320km north of Brisbane).
Next to the lovely hilltop home of Tom & Jenny, distant relatives and genealogy collaborators of hubby's. It was wonderful to meet them and we greatly appreciated their hospitality.

Hervey Bay, Queensland: Hervey Bay is a rapidly growing resort city in south eastern Queensland, Australia. The 'Bay' benefits from a fantastic sub-tropical climate with no real extremes (average 30 degrees in Summer and 23 degrees in Winter) and has been voted in the top three of 'best climates' in the World. Subsequently this has certainly added to the growth appeal of the city. City population is approximately 52,000 (2006 estimates), with the city covering an area of 2,356 square kilometres, under the administrative control of the Hervey Bay City Council.
The bay was originally named "Hervey's Bay" by Captain Cook (in the Admiralty copy of his journal) when he passed there on 21 May 1770, after naval officer The Hon. Augustus Hervey. Source:

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