Friday, March 02, 2007

The Honkers-Kiwi-Aussie Tour: Day 14 Omarama , NZ

Parked in the centre of Alexandra, NZ to do some shopping. To the bank, post office, pharmacy and then Cobblers Cafe & Bar for coffee. Couldn't resist buying a couple of pastries to take with us for our lunch - the citrus slice & scroggin were lovely. Spotted a women's clothing store across the street and thought I'd take a look. They were advertising an "end of summer 50 - 70% off" sale. Bought two tops and a skirt for under $50 NZ (multiply by 0.83 for $CN)

Drove to historic town Clyde, which was closed, it being Wednesday. On to Cromwell where we walk through the historic downtown.

"When the Clyde Dam was completed in 1992, the valley behind it was flooded to create Lake Dunstan. As a result, the original site of Cromwell's historic business district at the junction of the Kawarau and Clutha Rivers now lies at the bottom of the lake. Before the lake was created, many of the town centre's historic buildings were painstakingly removed to higher ground by dedicated volunteers. Others that could not be moved were faithfully reconstructed. Stone-by-stone and plank-by-plank, local craftsmen made sure that Old Cromwell would live on".
Decide against going through the hyper-touristy Queenstown. Next to Arrowtown which can best be described as Niagara-on-the-lake New Zealand style.
Camped at Omarama for the night.

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