Friday, March 23, 2007

Aussie Vocabulary

1. rort (verb) : to cheat or defraud
2. bench (noun): a countertop as in a kitchen
3. manchester (noun): all encompassing name for linen e g: towels, sheets
4. flat white (noun): espresso coffee with hot milk
5. gone troppo (adjective): dropped out of the rat race and/or acting strangely in the tropics
6. how're you going?: most common Aussie greeting (you rarely hear G'day)
7. no worries: multi-purpose expression, often means "you're welcome"
8. thongs (noun): flip-flops not g-strings
9. singlet (noun): camisole or tanktop
10. fine (adjective): clear as in weather
11. servo (noun): service/gas station
12. bushranger (noun): outlaw or highwayman
13. ocker (noun): unsophisticated person (equivalent to red-neck)
14. no dramas: expression meaning "not a problem"

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