Sunday, May 27, 2007

Toronto Islands

Thursday 24 May, 2007
The adventurers returned to Toronto Wednesday night and had coffee at Starbucks, downstairs in our condo building, before returning the rental car.
The McBeans head downtown and take the ferry to the Toronto Islands: "The area of the islands is about 230 hectares. The largest, outermost island, commonly called Centre Island, is crescent-shaped and forms the shoreline of both the Eastern and Western Channels. Algonquin and Olympic are two of the other major islands. What is commonly called Ward's Island is actually the eastern end of Centre Island. In the 1930s, the western end was supplemented by landfill so that the island airport could be created. Landfill was also used to create the former amusement park operated by the Toronto Ferry Company." Source: Wikipedia

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