Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sunnyside Cafe

Monday 21 May, 2006

Hubby & the McBeans where packed up and on the road north to Huntsville by 10:30 this morning. They are booked into the Comfort Inn there for two nights and will return on Wednesday after meeting up with the Clan Maloney in Barrie, Ontario on Wednesday.

Sunday 20 May, 2006

Our guests spent a leisurely morning before setting of on a walk through High Park to Sunnyside Cafe. "The name "Sunnyside" had been used to denote a beach and its surrounding area for 70-plus years before the amusement park opened. The name may have been coined by George Howard, a prominent citizen whom in 1848 had built a home overlooking the shore on the sunny side of a hill. The other possibility is that subsequent owner George Cheney, named it after American author Washington Irving's home in Tarrytown, New York." Read more about the pavilion's history here.

I had been at Sunnyside very early Saturday morning with the camera club from my church (Keele Street Christian Church) and took the photos seen here.

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