Thursday, May 17, 2007

Kitchener and Goderich

Sunday 13 May 2007
To Kitchener on Mother's Day to stay with my Mom for a few days. (A city of southern Ontario, Canada, west-southwest of Toronto. Settled by Mennonites (1806) and by Germans who named it Berlin in 1825, it was renamed in honor of Lord Kitchener in 1916. Population: 210,000.) Hubby and McBeans came in for tea before heading northwest to Goderich on Lake Huron where they stayed at the Bedford Hotel. (Goderich's downtown has a unique octagonal traffic circle known as 'The Square'. The county courthouse stands in the middle of The Square. Sifto Canada, Inc operates a salt mine underneath Goderich's harbour. The mine extends 5 kilometers under Lake Huron, and is the largest salt mine in the world.)

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