Monday, November 13, 2006

Bonfire Tour Days Eighteen to Twenty-five:Lewes, East Sussex; Caterham,Surrey; Clenchwarton, Norfolk

Day Eighteen, Saturday November 4, 2006
To the farmer's market which is held on the first Saturday of every month,9 amm-1pm in the Cliffe Pedestrian Precinct. Rupert was doing "vox pops" live on Rocket FM (getting folk to speak to Dino Bishop in the studio via mobile phone.
Lunch at my sister's with the crew, then of to the temporary Rocket studio at real estate agent Fox & Sons on the High Street which overlooks the War Memorial.
There is no possible way that words can do justice to the sheer scale and magnificence of the Lewes Bonfire Grand Procession - even pictures can't capture the intense atmosphere. Suffice it to say, they did themselves proud and we had arguably the best view in town.
On to the uptown studio after the procession as the Bonfire Societies moved on to their fire sites. The whole thing is surreal and dreamlike. Traffic is blocked off from the town. Torchlight, flares and fireworks give the medieval streets an eerie glow. Being dressed in "normal" clothing makes you feel a freak.

Day Nineteen, Sunday November 5, 2006
Excellent family church service at Saint John Southover. Chris Staynor led the congregation in a quiz which led nicely into his sermon on A Day in the Life of Solomon.
Amazing trek up Kingston Ridge with Clive, Doug and Rob. The view of Lewes from there was superb. Dinner of insalate caprese - a personal favourite- and tortellini chez Helen. Good time had by all.

Day Twenty, Monday November 6, 2006
Another lovely day for a walk on the South Downs with Clive, the McBeans and the hobbits. This time up the Cliffe to the golf course and over the hills to Glynde. Tasty lunch at the Trevor Arms
and return to Lewes by train.
Dinner at sister-in-law Ursula's where she has made my favourite cheese pie.

Day Twenty-one, Tuesday November 7, 2006

Picked up rental car, a Nissan Primera, at Chailey Motors. Drove up to Kew to visit the National Archives where Ru had requested some papers.
On to mother and father-in-law's at Caterham for dinner and the best night's sleep I'd had in about a week.

Day Twenty-two, Wednesday November 8, 2006
To Caterham town centre for grocery shopping and lunch at the Coffee Bay which is in the railway station.
Amazed that roses are still blooming in the garden. Quiet and restful time getting caught up with family and looking at postcards in Stella's collection.
Watched a TV program called Flog it! which is somewhere between Bargain Hunt and Cash in the Attic.

Day Twenty-three, Thursday November 9, 2006
Northward to Clenchwarton, which is just outside of King's Lynn, Norfolk, to stay with my mom's cousin and her husband. Stopped in Ely, Cambridgeshire to look at the Cathedral and Oliver Cromwell's house which is now a museum/tourist information office.
Lovely dinner and good chats with Auntie Jean and Uncle Ed about what it was like to live in Lewes during the war and various points of family history.

Day Twenty-four, Friday November 10, 2006
Drove into Spalding, Lincolnshire for a look around and some shopping. Coffee and browsing at the Bookmark book shop & cafe then fish and chips for lunch at Turners Fish Restaurant, 20 Red Lion Street. On to a massive, interesting garden centre called Baytree. We spot aTrabant lurking in a garage there.
Treated to Uncle Ed's long standing specialty Welsh Rarebit for dinner. I watch and take careful notes as he's cooking.

Day Twenty-five, Saturday November 11, 2006
Across East Anglia to Martham, near Great Yarmouth, to visit more of my mother's relatives and find out more about the Moore family genealogy. Weather glorious and scenery interesting.
Stop in to have tea with the in-laws at Caterham before heading home to Lewes.

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