Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bonfire Tour, Day Fourteen: Lewes, East Sussex

Intense buildup towards Bonfire Night, this year celebrated on Saturday November 4 as the 5th falls on a Sunday. The town of Lewes is positively humming.
To the butcher's shop - Frank Richards & Sons 25 Western Road, Lewes - to buy a stock of Fyers Original Sussex Blend Tea.
Today's guests for the "Get Smart" show are Rocket fm's Director General Andy Thomas (my brother-in-law) and local author and free thinker Andy Thomas who kindly autographs my copy of his book "Streets of Fire: A hymn to Lewes and the Bonfire Celebrations". The later has come to talk about changing times - "an organisation dedicated to the stimulation of new thinking, challenging accepted ‘official' beliefs or propaganda with thought-provoking presentations on a variety of topics, ranging from political debate to scientific or metaphysical investigation."
Richard Todd arrives to talk about South Street Bonfire Society's preparations for the big night.

South Street Bonfire Society
Pioneer front:English Civil War
Second pioneer front: Siamese Dancers
Smuggler colours:Brown and white jumper, red cap
Area of town represented:South Street area
Firesite location:Railway Land (off Railway Lane)
What makes us different from the others:
South Street was originally a juvenile bonfire society, and although we are now an adult society we maintain a strong junior membership.

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