Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bonfire Tour, Day Fifteen: Lewes, East Sussex

Tea at the Runaway, a cafe in Lewes railway station, and chatted with owner, the ever entertaining Vic Elsie. To Eastbourne where a walk along the sea front emphasized the fact that it is now November. Gone are the holiday crowds and as I walk along the beach I have only the sea gulls for companionship.
To the Eastbourne Lifeboat Museum & Shop to do some research.
"The Eastbourne Lifeboat Museum is housed in the RNLI boathouse, King Edwards Parade. Built in 1898 to commemorate the assassination of the well known actor William Terris outside the Adelphi Theatre in 1897. A display of newspaper cuttings of the time are in the museum. The building housed an active lifeboat until 1924, when an exhibition lifeboat was put on display."
They have done an excellent job of crediting John "Mad Jack" Fuller with providing the town's first lifeboat in 1822. There are two silver medals on display which were, "presented to each of the lifeboatmen for the rescue of the crew of the Dutch East Indiaman the "Twee Cornelissen" in December 1845. These medals are very simillar to Fuller's funeral medallions.
Had lunch at a Favo'Loso 19-25 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne which was very retro. Three young guys showed up with a video camera - one in a superman suit and another dressed as spiderman. They politely asked permission to take photos inthe cafe and then went on their way.
Guests in the studio today were Bexhill Banjo musician Paul Bishop and his son Ethan who runs the Laughing Gravy website. Next up was Rick Newth, chairman of the Cliffe Bonfire Society.
Pioneer front:Vikings
Second pioneer front:Moors
Smuggler colours:Black and white jumper, red cap
Area of town represented:The Cliffe and Malling
Firesite location:Ham Lane (access via Pinwell Lane). Please note that admission is by ticket only; these are on sale every Saturday in October in the Pedestrian Precinct or during October from Cliffe Bookshop, the Dorset Arms, the Lewes Arms and the Gardeners Arms, as well as the Tourist Information Centre.
What makes us different from the others:Tradition is very important to the Cliffe. In 2003 we celebrated our 150th anniversary and, for that year only, declared our First Pioneer costume to be the ancient smugglers rather than our famous vikings.
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