Friday, April 20, 2007

Shakespeare in Canada

To the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre to view the Shakespeare - Made In Canada exhibit where the star attraction is the Sanders portrait purported to be the only one painted of the bard in his lifetime. It certainly is an enigmatic piece. Is it actually a portrait of William Shakespeare? The jury's still out on that one.
We tour the The Donald Forster Sculpture Park and enjoy taking photos of the diverse works. My favourites are two of Evan Penny's Pieces: Mask, 1989 bronze (pictured left) and Monad, 1989-1990 ciment fondu, steel (pictured right).
In the evening I go to my daughter's Tuesday worship group hosted by guitarist Isaac. I was not sure what to expect but felt welcomed and strangely at home sitting on a cushion on the floor with over twenty twenty-something-year-olds singing traditional hymns and modern worship songs by candle light. In a high-tech twist, words and guitar chords are displayed on laptops throughout the room which are linked by a wireless network so that they can be operated by the song leader.

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