Sunday, January 14, 2007

Half Life & Thai 4 You

To Canadian Stage production of John Mighton's "Half Life" which featured Corner Gas star Eric Peterson, Carolyn Hetherington and Diego Matamoros.
"In the twilight of their lives, Clara and Patrick fall in love in a seniors’ home, convinced they are rekindling an affair cut short by wartime. When they announce plans to marry, their respective children find themselves in the awkward position of determining the romantic fate of their fragile parents. Sensitively wrought by John Mighton, this affecting exploration of memory and aging earned the 2005 Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama. "
I found the dialogue natural and well written. The character of Agnes,(Barbara Gordon) was a composite of several nursing home residents I have known.
There was a plot thread, however, that did not ring true. Nursing home care-giver Tammy (Maggie Huculak) uses the confused and frail Clara's money to purchase items for the her. Twice Clara's son Donald asks for receipts as he feels there is a discrepancy between the price one would expect to pay for an item and the missing money. In each instance, Tammy cannot provide a receipt. I found it a real stretch of the imagination to believe that a nursing home resident, who no longer has power of attorney over her affairs, would have a wallet of cash sitting in a bed side table drawer. Also, it would be highly irregular for a staff member to make purchases on behalf of a resident.
After the play we went for dinner at a favourite local restaurant:
Thai 4 You, 1675 Bloor St. W. (east of Keele), (416) 533-2221
The relaxed service and authentic ambiance, which includes gorgeous tableware that I always threaten to take home, is complemented by excellent Thai food that is great value for money. There are many vegetarian choices on the extensive menu.

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