Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sing-Along Messiah

To Massey Hall for Tafelmusik's 20th annual Sing-Along Messiah:
"Tafelmusik is delighted once again to welcome George Frideric Handel[played by Tafelmusik Choir director Ivars Taurins] as guest director of its annual Sing-Along Messiah. Tafelmusik first asked Mr. Handel to take on this role 20 years ago, undaunted by the fact that he'd been dead some 227 years...Unlike the many crates of fine vintage claret that are a significant bargaining point in his contract, Mr. Handel has not mellowed with age, and his legendary rapier wit and fiery Saxon temper are as sharp as they were over 250 years ago. "
"The sheer joy you will feel as your voice joins a mass choir of 2,500 to sing the Hallelujah chorus may be the best Christmas gift you receive. Bring your own score, or purchase one at Massey Hall. Seating is by voice part, and non-singers[That's me!] are always welcome."
Mr. Taurins and the Tafelmusik Orchestra, Choir and soloists did not disappoint. The experience was in a word - heavenly.

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