Saturday, October 21, 2006

Bonfire Tour, Day Four:Lewes, East Sussex

Rupert's first radio show went very well yesterday- no major glitches. Rocket FM webmasters Howard Makin & Molly Mockford and former BBC correspondent Alex Kirby were live in the studio. Eric Eggleston was interviewed by phone from Ottawa and Ian Whitelaw from Coombe, British Columbia. Had a "take away" fish and chips from The Friar in Fisher Street (no I kid you not).
After quick coffee at the Riverside Ru, brother-in-law Julian and I took the bus to the neighbouring village of Offham. I am researching the Shiffner family, formerly of Coombe Place and so after picking up the key at the vicarage we walked out to the Church of St Peter, Hamsey to see the memorials there. We were not disappointed and took many photos and notes.
Sat on a bench outside the church for a picnic lunch and took the bus back to Lewes.

"The religious census of Sussex on 30th March 1851 states there were two well-attended services at Hamsey, with a congregation of 121 in the morning (including 34 'Sunday scholars') and 58 in the afternoon. Revd George C. Shiffner, the then Rector, wrote in the census: 'The present church is most inconveniently placed, being so remote from the habitations of the people as to be inaccessible to the old and infirm, and to render the attendance of the rest as variable as the weather. ... A new church is much needed.'" View source.

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